My Story

Hi,  I'm Jax, I live in Papamoa in The Bay of Plenty, NZ, a beautiful beach side town.

 I get to meet people from all walks of life and put a smile on their faces on a daily basis ...

I am a parent to one gorgeous son and two fur babies.


I spent a lot of years traveling abroad. I felt like I was constantly searching for something that 'wowed' me. I have seen some amazing sights and met the most beautiful souled people on my travels yet I still yearned for something more.

The majority of my working life was spent in hospitality but after 15 years of it I decided it was time to move on so I enrolled in University where I spent three years gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. I loved my choice of study and found it fitted my personality to a tee. I was encouraged to ask "Why" of everything around me. As great as this was it didn't open many doors career wise so I went on to study for a further year and graduated with a teaching qualification in English and Drama, Hence my 'YouTube' videos being the way they are ;) . Within the same year I also fell pregnant with my gorgeous boy, which in itself was a huge life changer.

I spent eight years as a part-time teacher and reliever but the full-time positions were out of my grasp and I soon felt myself being left behind. Being a single parent is rewarding but it really does limit what you can do and when.

I was still on the search for my "Wow" moment!

A year ago my cousin contacted me from Auckland, she had started in a new business that specialized in candle-less burners (Warmers) and other scented products. I offered to hold a party for her so she could introduce the products in a friendly environment. 

I was "Wowed" as were my friends and that was the day we all fell in love with Scentsy!

It occurred to me that my cousin would have been very nervous as she is by nature, an introvert. But having products that are so inviting, meant she didn't have to do the hard sell and it pretty much sold itself.

I figured if she can do it then so can I, I haven't looked back since.

The hours that I work are completely up to me so I can attend my son's school outings and be there for him when he needs me. I don't have to ring in if I’m not well and can still work from home.


It has been a win-win from the start of my journey until present day.

Since joining I have built a fabulous team of Scentsy consultants from around NZ and Austrlia.

 There is room in our team, for you too!


Click on the join button and let me mentor you into a fabulous business and Lifestyle. 


Come and find your own “Wow” moment in amongst Amazing scents, Mesmerizing warmers, Divine diffusers and memories made from fragrances. I guarantee you will love the journey!

You can find me on: FaceBook: @JaxLscents

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